Juror's Statement

Michael Monroe, Director Emeritus
Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington

I’m honored to have been invited to be the juror for the 24th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America International Exhibition in Tacoma, Washington. Listed below are my criteria for looking at art and making judgments.
The strongest works evidence…
… a pursuit of an original idea.
… a growth of ideas beyond the mere handling of materials and techniques.
… a strong connection between the artist’s vision and the final expression of that idea with no disconnects suggesting a floundering of thoughts.
… a thorough mastery of the appropriateness of his or her materials with their inherent limitations and possibilities.
… a strong sense of unity among numerous works by an artist as opposed to multiple styles within a body of work.
… a sense of feeling and caring on the part of the artist.
… an intimate record of the interaction between the artist and their work.
… a strong and well developed understanding and application of the principles of composition.
… an artist has found inventive solutions to design problems as opposed to repeating trite or contrived ones.
… of a masterful handling of materials and techniques, not as ends in themselves, but rather in service of an artist’s ideas.
… an ability to interpret older traditions and techniques in invigorating new ways.
… a thoughtful decision-making process during the execution of a work.
What remains most important on my list is that a work of art projects evidence of an extremely strong sense of confidence and verve in service of the artist’s ideas.


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