Jeff George - 2008 Featured Artist

Jeff George, CPSA

Winner of the CIPPY Award at the
16th Annual CPSA Exhibition

CPSA is pleased to present Jeff George, CPSA as our newest Featured Artist. Jeff’s name is undoubtedly familiar to many of you as a consistent participant in and winner of CPSA’s exhibition awards.

Jeff’s record is certainly enviable in that respect. Of the 6 CPSA international shows that he has entered, he has been accepted in 5 and won awards in them all. This year he topped off the awards by winning the coveted CIPPY Best of Show Award and Staedler award (total $3000) at the 16th Annual Exhibition. He has also participated in two Explore This! shows and won awards in both of those as well.

As an Illustrator/Designer, Jeff has worked primarily with pen and ink, graphite and computer graphics. He has been involved in the graphic and fine arts fields for most of his professional career. Jeff attended Otis Parsons Art Institute but adds that “his countless hours at the drawing table, with both practice and trial and error” have been as instrumental in his education as was the formal training he received.

Planning is an important element in approaching his artwork. Jeff likes to estimate how long the artwork will take him and he keeps a close record of time spent on it. He also prefers to work in short segments which he loosely schedules. His preferred working time for his colored pencil pieces is early morning.

As evidenced from his winning pieces in the CPSA exhibitions, Jeff selects from a variety of subject matter. He also concerns himself with the viewer’s perspective and tries to utilize the technique, color palette, size, and paper surface texture to achieve the proper mood for his creation. He says, “I strive to create something which will leave a lasting impression, or at least elicit a strong emotional response.”

Jeff also echoes the sentiments of many a colored pencil artist. He enjoys the process of creating the artwork. This includes the “basic act of drawing, visualizing the final outcome and watching it unfold.” He prefers pencils to brushes or pens, which works just great for CPSA--we are privileged to have his work in our exhibitions.

Jeff’s work has been published in most of the major art magazines including The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, American Artist Drawing Magazine, Southwest Art, and International Artist. His artwork is also included in “The Colored Pencil Artist’s Drawing Bible.”

At the Awards Banquet for the 16th Annual Exhibition in Seattle, Jeff was asked to submit a short comment regarding his winning artwork in this show. He says,

“‘Empty Nest’ deals with the consequences of loss. It depicts the quiet grieving and decay of a single room home, which has lost the caring touch of its master.”

As he received his award, he also gave tribute to Robert Guthrie, CPSA, a longtime and revered CPSA artist and instructor, as the person who introduced him to CPSA in 2002.

When Jeff is asked for advice to give to beginning artists, he offers the following:

“First acknowledge your talent and be confident in it. Find what you do best through exploration and trial and error. Once found, aim to create beyond just a satisfactory level. You have been blessed with unique skills; continually push them. Challenge yourself with each piece you create, and always think that your greatest creation is still to come.”

More of Jeff’s artwork can be seen at his website,


CPSA International Shows
2008 - "Empty Nest" - CIPPY Best of Show and Staedtler Award
2007 - "Perpetual" - The Chicago IL DC 103 Award for Excellence
2006 - "Death Row" - The Strathmore Artist Papers Award for Excellence
2005 - "Butterfly" - Airfloat Strongbox Award for Outstanding Recognition
2003 - "Reticence" - Lyra Fine Art Pencil Award for Excellence

Explore This!
2007 - " Baggage" - The Prismacolor Award for Exceptional Merit
2005 - "Western Sky" - The Detroit MI DC 104 Award for Excellence

Written by Kay Dewar with input from Jeff George, CPSA


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