Linda Lucas Hardy - Featured Artist 2007

Meet Multiple Award Winner
Linda Lucas Hardy, CPSA
of Omaha, Texas

Linda Lucas Hardy continues as our current featured artist since she has again garnered the top award in our 15th Annual  International Exhibition. On August 3, 2007 her artwork was chosen for the top award--the CPSA Award for Exceptional Merit and the CIPPY Award. This winning piece is featured to the right of this paragraph. 

When Linda was asked about her feelings about being chosen for this award, she replied that it all felt surreal. She said, "I've wanted this ever since I joined CPSA.  When you've had a dream for so long and the dream is suddenly realized...there is no more dream, it's actuality.  Right now I am grateful...I am honored...I am truly overjoyed."

I asked Linda how she chose the fortune cookie as her subject.  She replied, 'As you know I love using plastic bags for subject matter. I take a very serious approach to the ones that I do and they are technologically challenging. I think perhaps, in choosing the fortune cookie, I was spoofing myself. I also feel pretty confident that everyone expected me to enter something in a plastic bag, so I did, only I am sure it was not quite what anyone expected. It never really was about the cookie though. It was the wrapper that I was initially drawn to because it was transparent. And it was the wrapper I was playing with, but then I discovered the shadows cast by the letters, they are what caught my attention and they are the reason I decided to do the piece. Just as I said in my statement, "they teased me. It was as if they were playing a game, distracting me, beguiling me, then captivating me.'"

Her artwork was also chosen as the first place winner of the Explore This! 4 Exhibition in Brea, CA. (shown to the right "Tenderly Morning Comes; Night Slips Quietly Away"). She is the recipient of many awards and is a much sought after instructor. Her work has been published in prominent art magazines including The Artists Magazine and The American Artist. She is a Signature Member of CPSA and has earned the 5-year Merit Award. She has received numerous awards for her beautiful artwork.

Colored pencils have had a prominent place in Linda’s life for the past 15 years. She says that when she began working with them she was hooked. She did not have a teacher available so she learned by trial and error. She feels that the problems that she encountered became her best friends. She concluded "that it was the areas that she didn’t like that taught her more than anything else.”

Her drawings reflect her interest in drama. She says that her drawings and paintings show the “conflicting forces between light and dark.”

Linda’s inspiration for her artwork is the love of colored pencil rather than the subject itself. She says “it’s the process and how it unfolds that intrigues me. I love doing it, I love what it does, how it feels, how it looks and the way the medium reveals itself on the working surface.” She chooses subjects that provide a sense of mystery. A portion of the work that is hidden from view enhances this intrigue.

Linda does love teaching and feels that she is an entertainer at heart. She feels that her artwork "gives her the opportunity to be a director with her subject being the actor and her paper being the stage." She loves the place in which she finds herself currently. She has experienced much in the past several years that she never expected. Even though she has questioned starting a new career at this stage in her life she feels that she would regret not doing so. She says that “in less than 3 years so many of my dreams have been fulfilled that I am in awe…Undoubtedly where I go from here may actually depend on new dreams and what I’m willing to do to get there.”

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