Digital File Specifications

It is essential for the digital images of your artwork to be of the highest professional quality. You may use a your own digital camera or scanner to create a digital image of your original artwork. You will then need to use photo-editing software such as Photoshop to prepare a digital file of your image.

Most photo labs can create a digital file to the CaFÉTM specifications from your original artwork or from a slide of your artwork. They usually provide a CD containing your images and basic photo editing software (such as KODAK Picture CD) for saving images as a JPG file.

The following information about preparing digital images is from the CaFÉTM website.

Dimensions     Size the longer dimension of the image to 1920 pixels (26.667 inches). When you upload the image,   the CaFÉTM system will automatically adjust the other dimension to the correct proportional length. It is no longer necessary to worry about centering the image within a black background.

File Format      Save as a baseline JPG file – NOT as a progressive JPG file. Large format images used for jurying will not be read properly if images are saved as progressive files.

Compression   The JPG file cannot be more than 1.8 MB in size. To determine the file size, close your editing program, highlight the file and Get Info or view Properties.

File Names     JPG file names should be the title of the artwork with a .jpg extension. For example: Title of My Art.jpg

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