Tips for Submitting Entries to CPSA Exhibitions

Please read the guidelines below carefully to ensure that your entry form is completed properly. Failure to follow the specifications in the show prospectus or complete the entry is grounds for disqualification.

You should know that information you provide on the CaFÉTM website is used for all communications with artists regarding the exhibition and on all printed materials about the exhibition. Providing accurate data will help avoid errors in the exhibition program and other printed material. Thank you!

  • Please submit early. Don’t wait until the last minute!

  • Be sure to provide all requested information on the CaFÉTM website when setting up your personal profile, uploading your digital image to the CaFÉTM website, and applying to a CPSA call for entries.

  • Make sure all spelling and capitalizations are correct. Do not type in all lower or all UPPER case letters.

  • Enter your name as it appears in the CPSA Membership Directory. If you are a Signature Member, include CPSA and/or CPX after your last name.

  • Enter the address where we can reach you during the show.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE inform the CPSA Membership Director whenever your name, address or other contact information changes! You can do this from the CPSA website or by email to the Membership Director.

  • When filling in the CaFÉTM forms online, be sure to provide the following information:

Title – include spaces and use standard capitalization.

Medium – this should be colored pencil and paper used for the International.

Price – enter the sale price of the artwork. If NOT for sale, enter 0 (zero).

Year Completed – work must have been finished within 3 years of the show deadline.

Description – briefly describe the subject of the artwork.

Dimensions – enter the height and width of the actual artwork in inches (i.e., 11.5). The framed size may be requested when you submit an entry to some CPSA exhibitions. You can estimate the framed size by adding 6 to 8 inches (height and width) to the image size.

Member - Click YES or NO to indicate whether you are a current member of CPSA.

How many works of art – indicate whether you are submitting one or two different works.

Invitational Passcode – this is not an invitational show, and no passcode is required.

  • Please take a few minutes to review your form and the prospectus to verify that everything is complete and correct.

WARNING: If you are entering two pieces, be sure to submit both images at the same time. Once you have finalized your entry and checked out, there is no way to go back and make changes.

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