Explore This! 13 - Accepted Artworks

These are the Accepted Artworks for Explore This! 13.  Congratulations to each of you.
First name Last name Title State
Carole Bardes, CPX The Surveyor FL
Carol Bonick Parade Today IL
Jennifer Carpenter Somewhere Out There VA
Anda Chance, CPSA, CPX Waiting for the Weaver FL
Rosanne Coty Ill at Ease MI
Caryn Coville My Brother's Woodturnings NY
Vera Curnow, CPSA The Messenger IN
Dava Dahlgran, CPSA CPX Empty Nester WI
Barbara Dahlstedt, CPSA A Trail Less Traveled AZ
Noriko DeWitt Trumpet Choir TX
Elliott Everson, CPSA, CPX Within Reach AZ
Tracy Frein, CPSA Claire: Seated Study IL
Joan Gelblat, CPSA, CPX Sunlit Charm GA
Marsha Gilger, CPSA The Garden Party OH
Donna Graham 5 Ton OR
Donald Griffith, CPX Still Ready to Race OR
Diane Harm Stepping Out OH
Charlotte Hastings Still Kicking KS
George Hoffman Stone Mountain Banjo Man GA
Marjorie Horne, CPSA, CPX Anhinga Drying in the Sun TN
Cathie Horrell Anthony MO
Cristina Iotti Life #8 Italy
Linda James Being Koi MI
Yvonne James Fruit Salad FL
Shannon Johnson Victory MT
Morgan Kari Secret Agent Man CA
Paula Keyth Rumors of the Red Queen OR
Myriam Krabbe The Children FL
Kate Lagaly, CPSA, CPX Wise Old Burls NC
Patricia Lentine, CPSA Little Dancer FL
Amy Lindenberger, CPSA, CPX Prairie Cabin OH
Peggy Magovern Eye of the Storm CA
Carol Maltby, CPSA The Potter NY
Suzanne Marcil, CPSA Halo or Horns? FL
Pete Marshall Birds in Bark Australia
Paco Martin Dominguez Nowhere Spain
Heather Mitchell Emergence FL
Mary Mossing Krueger Beauty in the Rain OH
Linda Murray French Farmhouse WA
Eileen Nistler, CPSA, CPX Handle with Care WY
Linda Palmer, CPSA Sandhills at First Light IL
Andrea Placer, CPSA, CPX Canyon Wall Abstractions NJ
Dee Poisson Pink Canada
Nancy Rhoads Beauty and the Beast FL
Helen Rowles, CPSA San Diego AZ
Susan Rubin Lupinus argenteus CO
Valorie Sams Past Their Prime TX
Kay Schmidt, CPSA Bugging Along OR
Philip Schorn Spring Emerging IL
Mardell Schuster The Blue Ribbon NC
Donna Schwarz, CPSA Let's Dance Remembering OH
Eileen Sorg, CPSA, CPX The Hungry Reader WA
Lori Sutherland Tea for Two CA
Susie Tenzer Fast Forward MO
Katherine Thomas, CPSA Bookkeeper OH
Deborah Thompson Continental Drift FL
Sherri VanSchaick, CPX Feelin' Blue AZ
Ranjini Venkatachari, CPSA, CPX Let Yourself Bloom CA
Suzanne Vigil, CPSA Seduction VA
Arlene Weinstock, CPSA, CPX May CA
Lis Zadravec Facing the Shadows VA
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