FAQs-Framing and Matting

Q: What constitutes "academic framing?"

A: "Academic framing" consists of off-white, white or neutral (gray, beige or black) mats. The mat should never pick up a nonneutral color in the work.

Q: Are colored mats and frames okay for the exhibition?

A: Colored mats are not allowed for the annual CPSA International Exhibition. CPSA requires academic framing so as not to distract from the artwork or upset the continuity of the show. Judges are very much aware of framing requirements and the presentation can influence their decision when selecting the final awards. It is permissible to have a colored liner as long as it is less than 1/8 inch wide.

Q: What kind of frames should I use?

A: Simple metal or wood frames are preferred for CPSA exhibitions because they contribute a more uniform look to the show and make it easier to fix art that has slipped behind the mat during shipping. Choose metal frames in gold, silver, copper, black, white, or gray and avoid decorative colors. Avoid ornately carved or gilded wood frames.

Q: Why does CPSA require art to be framed with Plexiglas?

A: Plexiglas is required because it weighs less than glass and will not break.

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