Starting a District Chapter


If you live in an area without a District Chapter, you may want to consider starting a new chapter. All it takes is an enthusiastic leader who is willing to find and work with other colored pencil artists toward that goal.

Why should we form a chapter?
  • To establish a local group of artists that shares a common interest in working with colored pencil and provide artistic growth for its members.
  • To be part of a nation-wide organization and take advantage of its reputation, knowledge of the medium, and other resources.
  • To help CPSA promote the colored pencil medium by sponsoring local exhibitions, workshops, and establishing a presence in your community.
  • To be covered under the nonprofit tax status of the national organization.

What is required to start a chapter?
  • The group must be located within the United States.
  • The group must have at least fifteen members.
  • Group members must be members in good standing of CPSA (the parent organization) prior to applying for chapter status.
  • The group must meet regularly and choose a governing board of at least five officers (3 elected, 2 appointed).
  • The group must meet at least twice each year. The core membership of the group should be in a geographical area enabling its members to meet regularly.
  • The group should be more than a reasonable driving distance from any existing CPSA District Chapter.

What is the procedure for becoming a chapter?

Step 1    Hold preliminary meetings to determine whether your group meets the requirements for becoming a CPSA chapter.

Step 2    Become familiar with CPSA policies.

Step 3    Elect officers and apply to the CPSA National Governing Board for District Chapter status.

For additional information, contact our District Chapter Development Diretor at chapters at
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