CPSA 25th International Exhibition - Accepted Artists

Our juror, Joann Moser, has selected 120 paintings to include in the CPSA 25th Annual International Exhibition in Bethesda, MD. We invite all our members to visit the exhibition and attend the annual convention.

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Selected artists: Download packing and shipping instructions

Congratulations to all!
Deane Ackerman, CPSA Ganges Morning SC
Carrie Alderfer Vanishing AL
Teresa Allen, CPSA Among the Pines OR
Rhonda Anderson Lotus Dance CA
Dennis Angel Leonardo's Cloth NV
Bonnie Auten, CPSA Piece by Piece MI
Pat Averill, CPSA Where To? OR
Cecile Baird, CPSA Strangely Beautiful OH
Jeffrey  Baisden, CPSA Tin Men 2 FL
Carole Bardes, CPSA, CPX Devine Vines FL
Sarah Becktel, CPX Streamer NJ
Jody Beighley Hot August Day WI
Pamela Belcher, CPSA Squirrel's Paradise WA
Jean Blais Oliver Sunlit Leaves TX
Nancy Brown Standing Tall VA
Dina Buckley Double-Crested Cormorant VA
Andria Burchett Canyon Road IL
Angela Burke Spring Rain MD
Clark Calhoun Lost in Selbyville MD
Gloria Callahan, CPSA Seashell Treasures 1 VA
Nicole  Caulfield Balancing Act NH
Anda Chance, CPSA, CPX Warbird FL
Po Yiu Cheung The Paradox of Life and Death Hong Kong
Carolyn Chua I See Bread Malaysia
Pamela Clements, CPSA Historical Sight (1942 B17 Bomb Sight) IN
Katherine Clericuzio Emergence MA
Kelly Collins, CPSA Shoulda Listened to Rufous, Thought Anna OR
Martha Crawley Coquina Walk VA
Dava Dahlgran, CPSA, CPX Conversationalist WI
Barbara Dahlstedt, CPSA You Can Make a Difference AZ
Gwynn Di Pilla Beach Serenity (Chairs) NJ
Rhonda Dicksion Ol Red WA
Anzhelika Doliba Times Square, NYC NJ
Elliott Everson, CPSA, CPX New Pathways AZ
Shawn Falchetti, CPSA Shine PA
Mary Fancher Tyler NY
Titika Faraklou The Cave of the Nymphs Greece
Alison  Fear Earth Angel New Zealand
Kendra Ferreira, CPSA, CPX Just Passing Through RI
Linda Fishman Radishes MD
Catherine Fithian, CPSA Saturday Morning OH
Christine Flanagan Out to Lunch FL
Tina Gagnon Clockworks NH
Tanja Gant, CPSA, CPX 1992 MS
Marion Gary Lust MN
Pam Gassman Colonial Bride WA
Mary Geissenhainer, CPSA Bob's Provisions MD
Joan Gelblat, CPSA, CPX An Open Market GA
Marsha Gilger, CPSA, CPX The Bachelor Pad OH
Lana Gloschat Coming Up for Air DC
Constance Grace, CPSA Reflection CA
Donna Graham Diner OR
Bob Grayson Paris in the Park FL
Gemma Gylling, CPSA BFFs - Save the Elephants CA
Shinji Harada, CPSA Shapes of Pumpkins Japan
Diane Harm Looking for Lunch FL
Charlotte Hastings Treasured Times  KS
Rose Hayne Archie Loves the Snow OH
Cathy Heller, CPSA Suncrisp Apples NJ
Richard Helmick, CPX Emergence of Time OR
Betty Hendrix, CPSA Ibis in the Morning NC
Sharon Hester Hickory Nut Falls FL
Margaret (Margi) Hopkins, CPSA Focus OH
David Hoque Bucură-te. Domnul a înviat! VA
Tina Hotchkiss The Funky Monkey MI
Denise Howard, CPSA, CPX The Persistence of Paint CA
Mary Hyatt Electric Onions IL
Susan Hyback Sandys Protector TN
Hanneke Jevons Loving Touch FL
Shannon Johnson Glacier Park "Crown of the Continent" MT
Marilyn Jones So Comfy Cozy FL
Julie Karner Pleading Eyes FL
Carolyn Kenny, CPSA Gargoyle with Heart CA
Sharon Kow, CPSA Time in Reflection Malaysia
Scott Krohn, CPSA Shiny But Empty MN
Kate Lagaly, CPSA, CPX Apex NC
Lenore Lancaster Cherokee Creation WV
Jesse Lane Adrenaline TX
Thelma LazoFlores Megalopolis' Realm PA
Patricia Lentine, CPSA Summer's Smile FL
Jennifer Leon Bunny Considers His Options NM
Erwin Lewandowski, CPSA Superior Rock Collection I MI
Pamela Lowrie Unspoken NC
Nina MacDonald View from Outside the Frame NC
Deborah Maklowski, CPSA, CPX Sirocco MD
Carol Maltby, CPSA Crazy Lou with Pipe NY
Suzanne Marcil, CPSA Let's Party! FL
Pete Marshall Nuthatch Fossicking in Conifer Bark Australia
Paco Martin Dominguez Mandarins and Paper Spain
Aida Masliah I Choose to be Happy Today CA
Katherine Moore Scraping Ice GA
Mary Mossing Krueger Inner Joy OH
Kay Mowery, CPSA The Card Game NC
Irma Murray, CPSA Three's a Crowd TX
Terri Neal Hope OR
Melissa Miller Nece, CPSA, CPX Swim Ring FL
Eileen Nistler, CPSA, CPX As You Sail on to Ithaca WY
Janet Paszkowski Birch in Bloom GA
Glinda Pennock Planes in the Attic FL
Janet Pirozzi-Riolo Greer NY
Andrea Placer, CPSA, CPX Elegant Remains NJ
Andrew Purdy, CPSA Macelleria CA
Nancy Rhoads Retreat FL
Barbara Rogers, CPSA Reflections of San Francisco CA
Jerriann  Ross River Rocks IA
Sheila Scannelli, CPSA Sunlit Snooze OH
Judith Scillia Black-eyed Susans PA
Allan Servoss, CPSA Stand Alone WI
Judith Shepelak, CPSA Spring Planting IL
Sabyna Sterrett, CPSA Flying Around Moon Lake VA
Johanna Swart Stories from Ancient Stones DC
Nichole Taylor Time in a Bottle UT
Katherine Thomas, CPSA Side Street OH
Christi Tompkins, CPSA The Devil is in the Details TX
John Ursillo, CPSA Queen of the Lilac Festival WA
Gayle Uyehara Jay Walking CA
Suzanne Vigil, CPSA The Perils of Beauty VA
Susan Wehrman Catnap MO
Robert Zavala The Little Heart Beats So Fast TX
Phillip Zubiate III, CPSA Succulosaic CA


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