CPSA sponsors two exhibitions and a convention each year.

International Exhibition and Convention

This annual gallery exhibition is exclusively for works done in 100% colored pencil. It is held in a different city each year to provide more people the opportunity to enjoy colored pencil as a fine art medium. About $15,000 in awards are given, including a $5,000 Best of Show and CIPPY Award.

Tips for Entering CPSA Exhibitions

Requirements for CPSA Exhibitions

In conjunction with its annual International Exhibition each year, CPSA presents a fun-filled convention allowing colored pencil artists to network and get acquainted with other artists. The convention runs Tuesday through Saturday and is usually held the end of July/beginning of August.

Learn more about attending the convention.

Explore This!

CPSA sponsors an exciting and innovative exhibition called “Explore This!” on its website every year. Artwork must be predominantly colored pencil and must include some element or technique that makes it ineligible for the International Exhibition. CPSA wants to encourage artists to experiment with adding other media to colored pencil, working in three dimensions, and using or preparing surfaces not allowed in the International Exhibition. The exhibition offers over $5,000 in awards including a Best of Show and EXPY Award.


ArtSpectations is a non-juried, online show with separate categories for signature artists (holding "CPSA" and/or "CPX" signature status) and non-signature artists. Artwork must be predominantly colored pencil. This show is held annually at the Online Juried Shows website, with entries open between May 1 and August 15. The show is published after the entry period ends and is accessible from anywhere in the world until the following year's show opens for entries. Artists may upload multiple images (with a small fee per image) during the call for entries. After entries close, a prominent CPSA artist reviews all the entries and selects a best of show (with cash award) and several honorable mentions in each category.

Learn more about the 2017-18 ArtSpectations competition

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